We have curated a selection of what we think are the best pod mods and pod systems currently available on the market.

Our selection is based on extensive research and testing and we believe that if convenience, simplicity and reliability is important to you in a vaping device, then you should be able find a pod mod or pod system in this list that is perfect for you!


Pod Mods are pocket sized, lightweight, all-in-one vaping devices that are easy to carry and simple to operate and maintain.

Pod Mods are a relatively new addition to the vaping world. They occupy the space somewhere in between the basic vape pen and the advanced box mod. They pack more of a punch than your standard cig-a-like or vape pen yet are much more simple and user friendly than your average Box Mod.


The Pod Mod is the ideal device for vapers on the go that want minimal fuss with their device, or for people in the early stages of transition from smoking to vaping.

Pod Mods are frequently used as a second device for advanced vapers. When a chunky box mod is impractical i.e. travelling, driving, at work or where discretion is required, the Pod Mod consequently makes an ideal alternative.


Pod Mods are generally all-in-one devices with built in batteries, tanks and coils etc., so they don’t tend to have the moving parts, customisation options and variables of an advanced box mod and tank. This means that you adapt to the device rather than adapting the device to your preferences, but in return, you get a no-nonsense, easy, consistent and reliable set-up.

Most pod mods are draw-activated, so all you do is draw on the mouthpiece to get your hit but some devices still do have button-activation, so check the device spec to make sure you get your preferred method.

There are “Open” and “Closed” pod systems. “Closed” pod systems have pre-filled pod-like cartridges. When it runs out, you simply exchange the cartridge with a new one. Many Pod Cartridges are nicotine salt based rather than traditional VG/PG mixes of e-liquid. “Nic Salt” tends to be quite strong with a powerful throat hit.  The upside of the “Closed” pod system is that there is no messy filling or cleaning required when you change flavours. Furthermore, you will never need to replace a coil or an atomizer. It’s simple and effective. The downside is that you are limited to the available cartridge flavours and strengths, as a result they can lack customisation and flexibility.

“Open” pod systems have refillable cartridges, consequently you can re-fill with your favourite e-liquid. This is obviously better if you want the choice of flavours and strengths but you get the same faff as a regular tank when you switch flavours.

Make sure you check the device spec to make sure you get your preferred system (Open or Closed).


Pod systems are rapidly increasing in popularity, particularly in the UK. This is largely due to the ever growing vaping community and the advancement of vaping technology. The pod system is especially relevant and therefore ideally suited to a large segment of this community.

The vaping market is (roughly) split into three segments:

  1. People quitting smoking and trying vaping for the first time;
  2. Long term vapers (ex-smokers);
  3. Vaping hobbyists (Vape kit nerds/cloud chasers).

Pod mods are well suited to tobacco quitters and long term vapers who are not particularly into the technical, hobbyist side of vaping. This represents a large chunk of the vaping community.

Pod mods are generally an improvement on the old style cig-a-likes and basic vape pens making them a likely candidate for vaping domination, particularly as starter kits or first timer devices. They will never replace high performing box mods and tanks but are likely to appeal to the rest of the vaping market, particularly now many open pod systems are emerging.

Pod Mods UK



  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use (plug and play)
  • No messing around with complicated coils and tanks
  • No need to change settings
  • Great starting vape for smokers looking to move into vaping.
  • Generally reliable
  • Leakage free


  • Battery life
  • Used pod waste
  • Some pods cannot be refilled – limited flavours/strengths
  • No customisation
  • Limited power/clouds