Becoming a seller is quick – simple – and best of all – free:

Becoming a seller and listing your products for sale on the VapeCloud Marketplace is free but there is a strict review process before your items go live. There are a few things you need to promise in exchange for the right to become a seller, which are outlined in these Seller Terms.

Process to become a seller: Click here to be taken to the seller signup page / fill out a form / wait 24-48 hours.


When you list a product for sale on VapeCloud, you must accept the terms and conditions set out within this document.

Your earnings: When your product is sold through VapeCloud, you will be instantly sent your payment less the commission that we charge (5% – private sellers, 10% – business sellers) – This all happens automatically so make sure you set the right Paypal email address.

Prices of items: You have complete control over all pricing.

Review: When you think you’ve created a listing suitable for the sale on VapeCloud and you have uploaded it through the dashboard, upon submission you will need to wait up to 24 hours for us to check the quality and whether it contains adequate meta information for buyers. Although we always like to provide constructive feedback we’re not legally obliged to give you any reasons for rejecting your item.


We will pay you the sale price of your sound library less our commission fee. In order for us to do this, you authorise us to collect payments for your products and to instantly distribute your earnings to you as a commission.
To avoid any confusion, only your earnings from the sale of your sound libraries will be payable to you minus our commission (5% Private sellers, 10% business sellers)

Thresholds: There are no thresholds whatsoever – your commission payment will instantly go into your Paypal account minus our commission.

TAX: As a seller you will receive your commission payment from a single entity: Conker Trading Limited. This entity is based in the United Kingdom. You will be required to pay your tax’s, income tax and any other taxes you are obligated to pay in your country.

VAT: Sellers are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes, VAT associated with using and making sales through VapeCloud’s services.


Sellers are responsible for shipping their sold items to buyers. If you’re using a shipping or fulfillment service, please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your buyers receive the item(s) they purchased from your shop.

By selling on VapeCloud, you agree to:

  • Provide an accurate “ships from” address.
  • Specify your shipping costs and processing times in your listings. If you do not provide these, you will be required to adopt VapeCloud’s standard shipping policy
  • Ship items promptly after they are sold. Prompt shipping means that you ship each item within 21 days of purchase, unless you specify otherwise in your processing time or agree to a different shipping period with the buyer through Conversations.
  • Comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations.
  • Shipping to the wrong address is likely to result in a non-delivery case, so make sure to ship to the address listed on the order or sent to you by the buyer.
  • Mark the order as shipped when you ship it, which automatically marks your order as shipped. Remember that you may only mark an order as shipped after you actually have shipped it.
  • When you mark an order as shipped, the buyer will receive an Shipping Notification.
  • Charge an appropriate amount for shipping.

In the unlikely event an order does not arrive, be prepared to provide valid proof of shipping. Valid proof of shipping must show that the item actually was shipped and that it was sent to the address provided by the buyer. If a buyer does not receive their order, they may file a case against your shop.


Sellers agree to resolve any disputes directly with a buyer, and in accordance with our Seller Policy and Terms of Use. In the event that a dispute is escalated to VapeCloud’s Support Team, VapeCloud reserves the right to terminate a sellers’ account if they do not adhere to the VapeCloud sellers’ policy or the outcome of “Case” (See VapeCloud’s Case System).


VapeCloud will inform sellers of each transaction, or of other information pertaining to customer order, using our standard communication procedures. Customer order or product related enquiries must be managed directly between the seller and customer.


Sellers may provide refunds or adjustments to buyers for payments made through PayPal using the refund functionality.
Sellers must refund the full amount of the sale to the customer (in accordance with the refund policy), including commission. Upon successful completion of a customer refund, the seller may submit a request to VapeCloud for a commission refund relating to that transaction. Providing evidence of the refund is provided, VapeCloud will issue a refund of the commission amount for that transaction.


Although VapeCloud is not directly involved in a transaction between a buyer and a seller, we provide a case system in the unlikely event your purchase from a seller does not go as expected. Customers can use VapeCloud’s case system to come to a resolution with the seller in the event of a non-delivery, or if an item you receive is not as described in the listing. (Click here to learn how to open a case.) Customers can file a case under the following circumstances:


A Non-Delivery occurs when a buyer places an order and submits payment, but the seller does not ship the item or does not ship the item to the correct address.

The following are examples of Non-Delivery cases:

  • An item was never sent.
  • An item was sent to an address that is not on the VapeCloud receipt
  • There is no proof that the item was shipped to the buyer’s address.


An item is Not as Described if it is materially different from the seller’s listing description or photos.

Here are a few examples of Not as Described cases:

  • The item received is a different colour, model, version or size.
  • The item has a different design or material.
  • The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.
  • The seller failed to disclose the fact that an item is damaged or is missing parts.
  • A buyer purchased three items but only received two.
  • The condition of the item is misrepresented. For example, the description at the time of purchase said the item was “new” and the item is used.

Not as Described cases can also be filed for late delivery. In order to qualify as late delivery, the buyer must provide proof that all of these conditions have been met:

  • The item(s) were ordered for a specific date or event.
  • A deadline was agreed upon by the buyer and seller.
  • The item(s) are rendered useless after that date.
  • Ineligible Transactions

The following are not eligible for VapeCloud’s case system:

  • Intangible items, or prohibited items
  • Transactions where payment is not made through VapeCloud’s Checkout platform
  • Items that are returned without a return agreement
  • Items that have been altered, used, or damaged after receiving them
  • Physical or tangible items that are not available for return because they have been destroyed or discarded by the buyer
  • Items that are received after the agreed-upon delivery date due to shipping delays
  • Cancelled transactions that have already resulted in a refund


As a seller you promise to us and each buying customer that:

You own or have rights to sell the products you list for sale and do not infringe any copyright or other rights of a third party;
The product does not violate any applicable law or regulation (including those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, criminal law, pornography, anti-discrimination, trade practices or fair trading);
The condition of your products is fairly and honestly described within your listing
As a seller you have responsibilities to us and buyers of your products.


We may use part of your listing content to promote your products on VapeCLoud or any other marketing channel. This promotional use may include use in public relations, emails, on a features page, or on other sites (e.g. social networks). No commission is payable for these promotional uses.
Listing removal: We have the right to remove a listing for any reason, using our reasonable discretion. However, if we have a problem with your listing, we will address the problems with you beforehand.


If an account holder provides you with usernames, passwords or other personal information of the user you must:

  • provide a privacy notice to the user, making the member aware of their personal information that you will receive and how you will handle that information;
  • obtain the member’s permission to use the member’s personal information;
  • use the personal information only for the limited purposes for which the member gave permission; and
  • meet any privacy and spam law requirements that apply to you.

For an idea about how we deal with user information see our Privacy Policy.


Relationship between us and you: Nothing in these terms is to be construed as constituting a partnership, joint venture, employment or agency relationship between you and us. Neither you nor us can bind each other in any way. We are, however, your agent only for the limited purposes of providing a marketplace for the sale of your products and associated tasks.


We’re very glad you’ve made it to the end of this important document. We wish you all the very best in selling your products through VapeCloud.